Monday, April 20, 2009

New Pick Up Place? The Farmer's Market!

Sure, there are old tales of meeting your soulmate in the frozen food aisle, making eye contact over a freezer filled with frozen pizza's.

But honestly, how much conversation really happens among strangers at the grocery store?!

I'm thinking the times of finding love at the supermarket are pretty outdated.

But, have you tried your local Farmer's Market lately!!

Research shows that people have 10 times more conversations at farmer's markets than at grocery stores!

The informal and casual environment, plus the outdoor setting and direct contact with growers sets the stage for social interaction. So most people are loosened up, making approaching them much easier!

Spring's coming , so maybe it's time for you to check out your farmer's market for some cuties! Your soulmate may just be checking out the freshness of those peppers beside you!

Make some eye contact, shine out a bright smile, and ask them how they check for ripeness!

Readers: Let me know how it goes!

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