Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Key to Attraction: Are You Radiating Brilliance?

I was out the other weekend at the nightclub Proof- it’s a popular Denver dance spot for the 40+ crowd.

I was chatting with some folks about what it takes to attract your soulmate, or heck, even your next date, when I noticed a very interesting woman on the dance floor.

I was drawn to her not because of her extraordinary good looks, but because of her GLOW.

She had an effervescent charm that exuded from every pore of her. She was not the youngest, the most scantily clad, or the best looking woman in the place- but she was clearly, unabashedly ENJOYING herself.

The result?

I almost couldn’t take my eyes off of her- I loved watching her dance because her warm, happy, playful spirit showed through.

I would bet you that every man in the place noticed her the way I noticed her- because she was shining such brilliance you couldn’t help but be attracted to her radiance!

Sure, it didn’t hurt that she was wearing a cute outfit that included a fashionable skirt- but what was so compelling about her was the relaxed, confident, fun-loving vibe she put off so easily, effortlessly.

That’s the Soulmate Magnet Vibe.

And when you master stepping into your Best, most Authentic Self, you’ll be able to shine that radiant brilliance and attract the attention of great, emotionally available partners who are ready to share themselves with you.

Readers: What helps you step into your own Brilliant Radiance? And how do others respond to you? Please share!

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hotdogannie said...

My favorite way to be in joy and "radiate" from my authentic self is to take a moment to be still, and remind myself to let go of (for now) thoughts of the past and future, and just thoroughly enjoy the HERE AND NOW.............one moment after another, as the woman on the dance floor was apparently able to do.

Dr. Jenn said...

Hey there! YES! I totally agree- that being in the moment is the best way to be brilliant!

By continuing to step into the present, we can shine our best, most authentic self, leaving the past and future to care for themselves!

Thanks for sharing your shining tip! Shine on!

Erika said...

Mmmm... I just found your blog. And wow am I glad. I've been trying to get the same message out ... that it's not your looks and it's not the car you drive and it's not your money ... it's your vibe that attracts people.

As a woman, I stay grounded in my body and presence, and continuously clean up my belief system ... and now I have more men in my life than I know what to do with.

Love to connect with you some more, my blog is www.awakeningfromthedream.blogspot.com.

Erika Awakening