Monday, October 27, 2008

Tech-iquette: The New Multi Media Dating Etiquette

In this totally hyper-wired age, have you ever wondered just what's the best way to connect with your new love interest?

And, can you ever get away with breaking up via email?

Before you pick up the phone, write your next text message, or send another email, check out Kelli Lawless' "Using Technology" discussion on her blog: Dating and Mating in Amercia.

Seriously, it's the most comprehensive discussion of the topic I've ever seen!

Go there now: Here

And for the record: NO- you can't ever, ever break up via email or text. It requires a phone call or better yet, a face to face.

If we want to live in a civil world, we've got to offer each other at least that much respect and kindness.

Don't you think???
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russruggles said... what point is it officially "breaking up?" There was a woman I went out with several times over the course of 6 weeks, and when it came time to break up, she did so over e-mail, on the morning of a day in which which we had a date scheduled later in the night. She wouldn't even answer my follow-up calls because she had been SO busy with work. I definitely felt like she handled it inappropriately, especially considering that she had stressed the importance of communication (with which I agreed wholeheartedly) the whole time we dated.