Monday, November 17, 2008

Real Life Fairy Tales Do Come True!

You know how we all thought that romantic love had to wane, even in happy relationships. That the spark would fizzle. And you'd need to settle for companionate love?

In fact, previous research has shown that the heady romance of new love tends to last only a little over a year.

Pretty depressing, right!?

But no longer, new research has shown that for a few special couples, it's totally possible to maintain that "falling in love" feeling, even after decades of marriage.

And there is hard evidence- MRI brain scans. I mean, if a brain scan says it's so, then I believe it.

And these scans showed that couples who say that they are still intensely in love after an average of 28 years of marriage, had very similar brain scans as newly in love couples.

Wow- the romance doesn't have to fade.

I don't know about you- but that gives new hope, plus a little incentive to be one of those special couples.

Of course, now what I'd really like to know is: How did these couples do it? What's the secret to decades long passion?

If you've got an idea, please share!

Read the original article in USA Today: Romance Doesn't Have to Fade

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