Monday, December 20, 2010

3 Steps to Finding Love in 2011

Being single around the holidays can, well, suck. But it doesn’t have to for long, because you can focus on getting jazzed up about finally finding The One in 2011.


To boost your chances of attracting real love next year, there are really only 3 simple steps you need to take. If you start focusing on them now, by the time you ring in the New Year, you can be fast-forwarding yourself towards the love you deserve.

But, if you get all bah-hum-bug on me and stay stuck in a rut of old patterns. Well, I hate to say it, but 2011 will probably look a lot like 2010 did- without the love of your life gracing your days.

So, let’s leap into the New Year ready to manifest real, lasting love into your life.

Get started now with these 3 Steps for Finding Love in 2011

1. Extend Gratitude for your Love Lessons

Before you’ll be ready to really attract a new kind of love that is deeply fulfilling, you’ll have to take a serious look at what you created last year in the love department.

Sit down with a notebook and go through all of your love experiences in 2010 and identify the MAJOR LESSONS each experience invited you to learn.

Now, dig deep into your heart and express some gratitude to each of these people who offered these lessons- because if you had not learned these lessons you wouldn’t be ready to meet The One.


So find the part of your heart that can really and truly be thankful for each and every one of these not so perfect partners.

2. Clarify the Pattern

With your lessons front and center, you should be able to recognize the patterns you tend to play out in your love life.

Take some thoughtful time to get super clear about:

- The kind of partner you tend to attract (the good and not so good qualities)

- The kinds of unhappy interactions you tend to have with partners

- The ways in which your needs tend to remain unfulfilled

- The behaviors you engage in which keep this cycle going on

3. Set Your Action Plan

Awesome- now that you know what ISN’T working, commit to doing something new that will work!

Based on your insights about the old patterns, create some new dating rules for yourself so you can create a new pattern. And get a buddy to hold you accountable so that real love can be yours this year.

For example,

- If fear held you back and you hardly met anyone last year, grab a single friend and commit to going to 2 singles events a month.

- If you keep falling for emotionally unavailable partners, commit to walking out the door as soon as you see the old warning signs so you can stay available for a great partner.

- If you tend to find fault with everyone you date, commit to giving everyone 3 chances- you never know what a little time might do for your bond.

You get the idea- bust out of your dating ruts, and soon lasting love can be your reward. Make 2011 the year you finally find The One- you deserve it.

And we’ll be right here with you, supporting you toward creating Authentic Attraction that can result in Love that Lasts a Lifetime!

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