Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Men: The Best Valentine's Day Gift for Your Woman

If you've been dating 6 months to a year, you are probably wondering what would make a great gift this Valentine's Day.

Well, for all you male readers:

A Women's Day magazine survey showed that the majority of women would prefer to get a love letter this valentine's day- even over flowers, jewelry, chocolates, or dinner.

But in response to this, a Denver radio DJ thought that women were totally lying- that they couldn't possibly prefer men to put pen to paper over opening up a fancy jewelry box.

But I believe it. Why?

Women's hearts long to be nurtured with your loving word.

What's most important to many women is knowing how deeply loved and cherished they are... and many women complain that they don't feel that way enough.

Think about it....your partner is lying on her death bed...what is she thinking?

"Wow- that diamond earring set he gave me for Valentine's day in 2009 was so beautiful" or

"I can still remember that love letter he wrote to me... just one of the many ways I felt so loved all my life."

No contest here for most women: it's your open expression of your loving thoughts and emotions that rule the day.

So men, this V-day, put down your wallets and get out your pen and paper. Start writing.

Want a special touch?
Go buy some pretty paper to put it on. And do hand-write your note.
Your partner will be so impressed with your effort to give her a special piece of you. One she can treasure for years to come!

Got writer's block? Not sure what to write?
Be specific. Examples of the things you love about her are more meaningful than vague platitudes.

Thank her for the things she does that make you happy.
Let her know the times you thought she looked beautiful.
Talk about memories of events or examples when you felt your love very strongly...try to fill in the details...where you were, what was going on, what she wore, what she did that touched you...

Basically- why is she the best choice you've ever made?

Women readers: Give the guys some advice. What would touch your heart most to read in a love note? Please share!

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