Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Attracting Love from the Inside Out

So things aren't going as well as you hoped in your dating life?!

Recently on her blog, Ann Strong shared an amazing secret:

How to feel anything you are missing, anytime, from the inside out!

It was so smart, I had to share it with you.

Here’s what she says:

“Working with the simple yet powerful concept that I already have everything I need inside me, I notice what’s causing the fear or anxiety and then find a way to know it from the inside rather than expect it from the outside.”

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

Especially when it comes to attracting love!

So, how to work this process?

Let’s look at a common dating example.

You’ve been trying online dating and you are getting zip, zero response. You log on for the millionth time and NOPE, still no tempting emails from sexy suitors.

So, you tune inward and wonder:

Why do I SO want to be “discovered” online?

What will a hello email do for me?

And you notice:

I want to feel wanted! Loved!

I want to feel attractive!

I want to feel hope!

Great, so pick the one you would like to work with (or all of them):

How can you feel loved, how can you be Love, right now?

How can you feel attractive, how can you be Beauty, right now?

How can you feel hope, how can you be Hope, right now?

Now, you may need to be creative next. But I am sure you can discover something, anything that helps you step into feeling loved, attractive, or hopeful! So, go do that now!

- Maybe you always feel loved when you chat with your best friend, but it’s been too long- call her.

- Maybe you embody love when you volunteer with homeless pets- get into action.

- Maybe you feel beautiful when you put on that special red dress and go dancing- grab a friend and go.

- Maybe sitting in a gorgeous flower garden helps you step into Beauty- GO!

- Maybe listening to your favorite uplifting piece of music always inspires in you hope- put it on!

- Maybe every time you tutor your niece, you both feel hopeful- get over there!

You get the idea!

The beauty of this work is that you Take Back your Power!

You no longer accept being a “victim” of a withholding Universe.

You refuse to wait for something to happen to make you all right.

The other gift of this work is that it immediately takes you out of a yucky, dark place into a sweet, light place.

AND, of course, that’ll make you much more attractive to the opposite sex. Bringing you that much closer to finding real love!

The key here is that once you shine something from within, it’ll show up on the outside in your life- ready to match what you already are!

So, take back your power and start living from the inside out today! Your love life will thank you!

Readers: How has taking back your power helped something show up in your life? Please share!

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