Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Enjoy Effortless Being Meditation

Did you know that trying TOO HARD, can actually keep you from finding love?

Discover the power of effortless being- that place of grace where you let go of struggle and float in infinite trust that flows you right where you want to go!

Your soulmate is waiting, stop working so hard to get there and you'll arrive much sooner!

Listen now, 15 min.

Join us next Monday, May 18th for The Momentum of Completion

Do you sometimes feel heavy? Weighted down?
Like something is holding you back, but you are not sure what?

You are probably being sabotaged by a Lack of Completion.

When things from your past are fully completed, you are free to move full steam ahead to attract your soulmate!

Come sever the anchors holding you back, and discover the light, free, and energized way of being that comes from Full Completion!

Noon, Mountain Time
**** NEW Call In NUMBER: 218-862-7200
Access Code : 909472

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