Wednesday, May 5, 2010

3 Unexpected Places to Meet the Perfect Partner!

As a dating coach, the first question my single clients always ask me is: Where do I find The One?!

Of course, if I had the real answer to that question, I’d be a psychic worth millions!

But there are some unexpected places you may not have thought about to bump into true love.

By taking a trip off the beaten path, you may just luck into the cutie you’ve been waiting for.

Try hanging out in these surprising hot spots for finding love.

And contrary to the bar scene, where you have NO idea whether that attractive person has anything in common with you, when you check out these spots- you’ll already know who might just enjoy the same things as you.

Which gives you a perfect, easy opportunity to charmingly start a conversation which may just lead you to the date of your dreams!

3 Unexpected Places to Meet the Perfect Partner

1. The Library

Everyone knows that the book lover’s sexy cousin, the trendy Bookstore, is a fine place to happen upon an attractive stranger.

But did you know how hip the library is these days?! It’s not the stuffy old library of your youth. And lots of smart singles high-tail it over there to get their monthly supply of books and books on tape.

There’s one in your neighborhood, so stop by often and browse your favorite sections. When you see someone who sparks your interest, try this…

Perfect Partner Pick-Up Line:

“I see you like the same kinds of books I do, I’m looking for something really interesting. What’s your favorite?”

2. The Used Music Store

They say that the couple who jams together, stays together! That’s because there is something about the music that moves you, that belies an underlying connection.

So check out your local used music place, and see who’s browsing your favorite artists.

When you catch a cutie in your section, try this….

Perfect Partner Pick-Up Line:

“I’ve worn out my favorite tracks. Looking for something new- what’s been moving you recently?”

3. The Outdoor Art Show

Summer’s coming and all over the country there are large, cool art & craft shows that draw major, savvy crowds.

It’s the perfect place to casually people watch and be on the lookout for the partner of your dreams.

When you spot someone you’d love to know inside one of the art booths, try this…

Perfect Partner Pick-Up Line:

“I love these. I’m thinking about getting one of these for my mom/dad. Which one is your favorite?”

Your perfect partner could be hiding anywhere, so break out of your rut and check out new locations, where you can have fun no matter who else shows up.

And, remember, finding true love isn’t just about where you go, it’s about who you are when you get there. So be sure to put on your happy face and send out the vibe that you’re friendly, warm, and easy to approach.

Singles What's the most unexpected place you ever found a date? Please share!

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