Monday, May 24, 2010

Love Lessons from LOST: Are you a Jack or Sawyer Girl?

What will I do without my weekly fix of the hot guys on the steamy island of LOST?

I'll be honest- Jack is more my style- a gorgeous man trying to save the tribe, who's also vulnerable enough to cry- THAT steals my heart.

drives my husband crazy, "Is that MAN crying AGAIN!" Oh yes, baby, he IS! ;)

But, give me a night alone with Sawyer, and well, I'll appreciate that opportunity as well.

But, if you're looking for a lifetime of love- Jack is your best bet.

Actually- the point is, both of these cuties have baggage, and so most likely do you.

The real question is: Which type of baggage can you most easily live with???

If you pick Sawyer, with his bad-boy good looks, you also get his prickly, sometimes deceptive, "I may be outta here in a moment" attitude.

He's sexy, and if he loves you, you can probably count on him in a pinch, but is it really worth all of the drama? That defensive bristle isn't so easy to get along with for the long haul. And his need for space, his desire to hide his true emotions, and his requirement of always having an escape route- well, those all spell trouble in paradise for you.

Besides, he always looks, so.... pinched! Where's the smile, babe?

If you find yourself routinely attracted to the Sawyer type, it's likely you end up with more than your fair share of broken hearts and it might just be time to try a little more Jack-like romance.

Jack's baggage? Well, trying to gain the approval of a father in whose eyes he was never enough, Jack has an insatiable urge to be the good guy, trying to save the world, and trying to do right by you.

He's loyal almost to a fault, because integrity is all he has to prop up his sense of doubt about his worth. This is a man who will do anything to win your love and save your relationship.
That’s the kind of baggage that’s easy to live with because it supports you in building a bond that can withstand a lifetime of LOST like challenges.

If you typically fall for men like Jack, it's safe to say that one of these days you'll hit the JACKpot and find a keeper.

While you might be tempted occasionally to stray into the sexy arms of his rival Sawyer- Jack's the man who will really have your back.

If I'm ever stranded on a tropical island- Jack's gonna be my main man!

How about you?
Start by assessing your own baggage and when you meet a potential partner, be sure to see if their baggage compliments, or aggravates your own.

If it’s smooth sailing, you can be assured of sunny seas ahead. But if you push each other’s buttons, stormy seas mean it may make sense to bail out now and save yourself!

Readers: Who would YOU choose? Please share!
Read what the writers at Tango see as the 5 LOST Love Lessons. I'm not sure I agree with them about Sawyer tho!

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