Monday, May 17, 2010

Are One of These 3 Biggest Blocks to Love Detouring Your Love Life?

If you are still single and searching for the perfect partner you’ve got to be wondering, “WHY isn’t this happening for me?!”

Looking for true, lasting love can be frustrating and disappointing.

But when you’ve got one of the most common love blocks working it’s obstructive action in your life, real love becomes painfully impossible!

Take a peek inside to see if any of these widespread love detours are delaying the arrival of your vision of relationship bliss. Then discover a powerful way to dissolve these blocks so you can move ahead to make your dreams of love a reality.

Love Blocker 1: Feeling Unworthy

Most of us think we’ve resolved any lingering doubts about our worthiness to enjoy a great relationship. But often, there are feelings of self-doubt, low self esteem, or unattractiveness still hidden in our heart. Deep down, we’re just not convinced we’re lovable just the way we are.

Love Block Melter 1
It’s time to banish those doubts once and for all. And what’s more powerful than a room full of friends holding up a mirror showing you how awesome you really are!? So gather your closest friends and family and throw a Gratitude Party.

Have each person write a letter sand read it out loud, telling you why you deserve to have the most loving relationship. When you are surrounded by this much authentic love, it’ll melt away old wounds in a heart beat!

Love Blocker 2: Fear of Being Hurt

Nothing hurts worse than a broken heart, and after about the 10th time, many people wall up their hearts and put in heavy-duty security to ensure they never feel that way again. But then, the good love can’t get through either and many a well-meaning partner will give up trying to break down the walls.

Love Block Melter 2

Get back in the game and start taking smart risks. Once you meet a quality potential partner, whom all your friends agree seems good for you, begin opening up slowly and surely. Share yourself like a fine novel, allowing them to see all sides of yourself, one chapter at a time.

If they start to act untrustworthy, put on the brakes and proceed with caution, only investing yourself in equal amounts to what they offer you- this ensures the relationships grows in balance- and hinders major heartbreak.

Love Blocker 3: Repeating Past Mistakes

Nothing will net you a broken heart faster than repeating the same old painful mistakes…falling for the same deadbeat type, or playing out patterns that cause pain.

It’s time to create a healthy new map to love!

Love Block Melter 3

Sit down with a trusted friend and review your past partners and relationships. Notice any commonalities that lead to destructive outcomes. Once you know where you’ve gone astray, you can set new guidelines to steer your love life in a new rewarding direction. Then keep your friend on tap to remind you when you’re straying into dangerous territory. By making small, ongoing corrections in your course, you can be onto real love around the next corner!

READERS: What's been YOUR biggest block to love? Please share!

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