Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday's Soulmate Secret: Coincidence?

“Your true path is revealed the moment you recognize coincidences as miracles along your journey.” - Unknown

Really, there are no coincidences.
Every seemingly random event is the Universe working her serendipitous magic!

When you follow the trail of coincidences and act on them, they may lead you right to your soulmate.

At the very least- they are leading you to the next lesson that will prepare you for your soulmate to arrive!

Are you noticing the coincidences around you?
Do you shirk them off or are you acting on them?

Today, open your eyes to the miracles of coincidence happening all around you.
Dare to follow them where they will lead you!
Embrace the magic.

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Readers: What coincidences have led you closer to your soulmate? Please share!

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