Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday's Soulmate Secret: The Super Powers of Complaint

Complaints are affirmations and prayers which attract that which you’re complaining about. - Doreen Virtue

Today, pay attention very carefully to all of the complaints and frustrations you are voicing about dating, about your love life.

Since your thoughts create your reality- the more you focus on what you DON’T LIKE- the more you create things you don’t want.

I love Doreen’s quote because it reminds us that our negative thoughts are just as powerful and come just as true, as the positive thoughts we offer as affirmations or prayer.

Would you create an affirmation that says?:

Please, all the good men are taken….
Man, no one will ever love me….
I never meet anyone I’m attracted to…
How will I ever find The One…

I hope not!
But every time you make those complaints or think & speak those frustrations- you are bringing them more and more into your reality.

Today, focus your attention on all that is right in your world.
Focus on appreciation.
These are the qualities that will attract your soulmate.

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Readers: Which of your complaints have you watched come true? Please share!

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