Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday's Soulmate Secret: Integrity

"I AM honoring my word and agreements with grace and ease." – divineexpressions.com

This quote is about standing in your Integrity- honoring your Best Self.

As you date- you attract others who match your level of Integrity.

Thus, when you date with your Integrity front and center, your soulmate will be naturally attracted to your bright, strong, reliable, and positive light.

Are you holding your Integrity?
Or do you let yourself get away with the little things that “don’t really matter?”

Honor your Best Self and your Best Partner will arrive.

You do this most easily by engaging only in Inspired Action- only saying and committing to what is truly in your highest good.

Today- live your Integrity with honesty.

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Readers: How has being honest and keeping your word improved your dating life? Please share!

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