Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Attracting Love from the Inside Out

So things aren't going as well as you hoped in your dating life?!

Recently on her blog, Ann Strong shared an amazing secret:

How to feel anything you are missing, anytime, from the inside out!

It was so smart, I had to share it with you.

Here’s what she says:

“Working with the simple yet powerful concept that I already have everything I need inside me, I notice what’s causing the fear or anxiety and then find a way to know it from the inside rather than expect it from the outside.”

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

Especially when it comes to attracting love!

So, how to work this process?

Let’s look at a common dating example.

You’ve been trying online dating and you are getting zip, zero response. You log on for the millionth time and NOPE, still no tempting emails from sexy suitors.

So, you tune inward and wonder:

Why do I SO want to be “discovered” online?

What will a hello email do for me?

And you notice:

I want to feel wanted! Loved!

I want to feel attractive!

I want to feel hope!

Great, so pick the one you would like to work with (or all of them):

How can you feel loved, how can you be Love, right now?

How can you feel attractive, how can you be Beauty, right now?

How can you feel hope, how can you be Hope, right now?

Now, you may need to be creative next. But I am sure you can discover something, anything that helps you step into feeling loved, attractive, or hopeful! So, go do that now!

- Maybe you always feel loved when you chat with your best friend, but it’s been too long- call her.

- Maybe you embody love when you volunteer with homeless pets- get into action.

- Maybe you feel beautiful when you put on that special red dress and go dancing- grab a friend and go.

- Maybe sitting in a gorgeous flower garden helps you step into Beauty- GO!

- Maybe listening to your favorite uplifting piece of music always inspires in you hope- put it on!

- Maybe every time you tutor your niece, you both feel hopeful- get over there!

You get the idea!

The beauty of this work is that you Take Back your Power!

You no longer accept being a “victim” of a withholding Universe.

You refuse to wait for something to happen to make you all right.

The other gift of this work is that it immediately takes you out of a yucky, dark place into a sweet, light place.

AND, of course, that’ll make you much more attractive to the opposite sex. Bringing you that much closer to finding real love!

The key here is that once you shine something from within, it’ll show up on the outside in your life- ready to match what you already are!

So, take back your power and start living from the inside out today! Your love life will thank you!

Readers: How has taking back your power helped something show up in your life? Please share!

Read Ann's original post: Knowing my security from the inside

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Is it Time for Spring Cleaning?: The Power of Completion

Does it feel like something is holding your love life back, but you're not sure what?

You are probably being sabotaged by a Lack of Completion.

When things from your past are not fully completed, it’s like there is a heavy anchor chaining you to the past, keeping you from moving full steam ahead to attract your soulmate.

Almost worst, it’s like you’ve left little pieces of yourself back there, so that now, you no longer feel whole, complete.

In his book, Five Wishes, Gay Hendricks talks about his wish for "completion." For him that meant: "As I go through life, there's nothing significant I leave unsaid or undone."

On his healing journey- he goes back and says and does all of the things he knew he should have done- so that he could be in full integrity, in the present. He found that he felt 100 pounds lighter.

That lightness & wholeness is what you need to attract your soulmate.

Without that completion, it’s like you’ve dropped dozens of small and larger anchors in the past- all sucking your energy, vitality, and your ability to be a soulmate magnet!

So, it’s time for Spring Cleaning.

But this will be unlike any spring cleaning you’ve done before!

This spring, I challenge you to do a Completion Clean Up.

Our goal: To clean up anything that hasn’t been completed from your past.

We’re not necessarily talking about all the things on your current To-Do list here.

Similar to Gay Hendrick’s concept, we’re talking about all of the emotionally important things you’ve left unsaid and undone, ESPECIALLY related to past relationships.

I’m encouraging you to wipe your love slate clean by creating closure in every major relationship you’ve ever had. If there is anything you still need to say or do, to once and for all, KNOW you’ve done what you needed to do- NOW is the time to do it!

It’s only from a place clear of past attachments or weights, that we can generate the clarity and freedom to move forward and attract a healthy, happy love that lasts. Liberated from the chains of the past, completion will set you free to create soulmate love!

I invite you to create your own Completion List now and act on it!

5 Steps to Completion

1. Write down a list of all of the major or emotionally significant relationships you’ve ever had in your life. (Or anything else that springs to mind that needs attention for closure.)

2. One by one, consider your experiences with each person and wonder:

Is there anything I’ve left unsaid or undone with this person?
Is there anything that still feels bad to me about the way I’ve left it?
Is there anything I need to do for closure?
Is there anything I need to do to be in full integrity?

3. Write down a clear statement of anything that needs completion. Include what you intend to do AND a date by which you commit to doing it.

If it's not possible to get in contact with someone- don't skip them! Try one of the following: do the process in your mind, have a ritual, write a letter you never send or have someone bear witness to what you wanted to say or do.

4. After each time you do something on your list, make some notes about how it feels to have done that completion.

Remember, a successful completion isn’t really about how the other person responds to you (you won’t always get a welcome reception!), but about YOU doing what YOU need for YOU to feel like YOU are in integrity.

5. Once you’ve finished acting on your entire Completion List, it’s time to have a ritual to cut the chains from those heavily weighted past anchors and to call back all of the little pieces of yourself you left behind- so you stand free and whole in the Now.

In fact, next Monday, May 18th, at noon Mountain Time we’ll be doing a Completion Visualization for Meditation Monday. If this idea of Completion is compelling to you, I encourage you to attend and get a jump start on your list. If you can’t make it, we’ll have it posted on the blog for you to listen to later.

NEW Call In NUMBER: 218-862-7200
Access Code : 909472

This spring, create the space for clear sailing ahead! Give yourself the gift of a clean slate so you’ll be ready to attract your real soulmate and create the love you deserve!

Readers: Let me know how your Spring Completion Clean Up goes!! And if you run into any problems, I'll help you troubleshoot!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Enjoy Effortless Being Meditation

Did you know that trying TOO HARD, can actually keep you from finding love?

Discover the power of effortless being- that place of grace where you let go of struggle and float in infinite trust that flows you right where you want to go!

Your soulmate is waiting, stop working so hard to get there and you'll arrive much sooner!

Listen now, 15 min.

Join us next Monday, May 18th for The Momentum of Completion

Do you sometimes feel heavy? Weighted down?
Like something is holding you back, but you are not sure what?

You are probably being sabotaged by a Lack of Completion.

When things from your past are fully completed, you are free to move full steam ahead to attract your soulmate!

Come sever the anchors holding you back, and discover the light, free, and energized way of being that comes from Full Completion!

Noon, Mountain Time
**** NEW Call In NUMBER: 218-862-7200
Access Code : 909472

Monday, May 4, 2009

Join Us for: Effortless Being

You're invited to join us next Monday, April 4th, for another transformative and powerful Meditation.

I'll be leading: Effortless Being

Is your life full of effort? Full of struggle? Yet, you're not getting anywhere?

That's because all the stress of straining actually gets in your way of attaining your heart's desire.

Join us, to discover the power of effortless being- that place of grace where you let go of struggle and float in infinite trust that flows you right where you want to go!

Your soulmate is waiting, stop working so hard to get there and you'll arrive much sooner!

Noon, Mountain Time
Call In: 218-844-0870
Access: 355622#