Thursday, October 1, 2009

Inaugural Adventure Dating Event was a Success!

Last weekend, we hosted the first ever, Adventure Dating at the Ranch event, at my holistic healing horse ranch, Happily Ever After, outside Denver Colorado.

We had a huge turnout with 56 singles who were courageously ready for an Adventure in Love!

As rotating teams, they got to experience 9 Adventure Stations with a variety of active, creative, and get-to-know-you challenges. All designed to have fun while you get an inside peek into each other's real personality.

Laughter was heard throughout the property!

Remember, how I told you the only reason we hosted this event was because I had the inspiration that someone was supposed to meet their soulmate???

Well, 14 matches were made that day and already several of them have taken off at a full speed run toward love!

I can't wait to hear how these new couples forge ahead on their journey toward creating their own Happily Ever After!

Check out the fun during the 3 active challenges: Noodle Golf, Blind Duo Obstacle Course, Tethered-to-Me Obstacle Challenge.