Monday, February 16, 2009

Cool New Books from the Dating Goddess

Do you like solid dating advice?
Do you like to get your advice while reading charming and insightful personal anecdotes?

I thought you did, because I do too!

I mean who doesn't, really?

That's why I think you're going to really enjoy the Dating Goddess's new Dating Books. She must have been busy dating these past few years because she's got 15 new books chock-filled with experiences that will help guide your dating odyssey.

Why beat your head up against the wall, when you can learn from her real-life dating stories???

But who's the Dating Goddess, you ask?

What? You haven't heard of her? She's got a really popular blog, Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40, check it out over at

She's like many single women today, divorced after a 20 year marriage and thrown back into the dating pool- learning to sink or swim. Well, she's been swimming quite well for a few years now and wants to share what's she's learned with you.

In fact, she and I share many similar themes with our readers, only from different perspectives.

Here's a couple of my favorite tidbits from the first in her series of books- Date or Wait: Are You Ready for Mr. Great?

- Are you being receptive to love? I mean, really? Men want to make you happy and do things for you. You should let him show his feelings for you by allowing him to do so.

- Are you being proactive by planning to gain from lessons in your dating experience? I totally recommend making sure you learn the lesson that each dating encounter is offering you as a gift. But the Dating Goddess takes it one step further by pointing out that you can actually take some time to design your next lesson. Know you are a little clingy, or hop into bed too fast? Try doing the opposite next time and see what you learn. Viola- old habits can be melting away quickly!

- Are you facing your fears and doing it anyway? How would you date differently if you were brave? You know, you can fake it until you make it and soon one day you will be filled with genuine confidence- because that's what comes from facing your fears. What's one fear you are ready to face? Go do it!

Well, her books are just filled to the brim with little nuggets of wisdom just like these that you can just pick up and run with.

I encourage you to check them out today and see which one speaks most to you right now. They are organized into the stages of dating- so you can pick the one that fits best for you. Or you can get a deal by buying more than one at a time.
Until next time, make sure you're doing something, anything that will attract your soulmate today!

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