Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Help! My Partner is NOT over the Ex!

QUESTION: My boyfriend seems to love me but he keeps lying about his relationship with his Ex. Obviously, they are more than friends. Is there any hope for us?

ANSWER: Frankly, the only reason your partner is lying to you is that he KNOWS the truth isn’t acceptable. Otherwise, he wouldn’t need to keep hiding his thoughts, feelings, and actions involving his ex.

Sadly, if someone keeps lying, that means that there is something to hide!

Unless you’re OK sharing your beau with his ex, chances are it’s time to move on.

Clearly, his heart and mind are still involved with another woman. No matter how well the two of you get along, if he’s still stuck on feelings for his ex- he simply isn’t 100% available to be committed to you, heart and soul.

And you deserve to have a whole man to yourself- one who loves you without need to divide his time and attention.

If you are so right for each other AND the time comes when he is wholly available (and I mean it’s been 6 months or more without ANY involvement with the EX), you could consider rebuilding a relationship, but until then, you are settling for second best.

Readers, what do you think? If someone still holds a torch for an ex, should you bail right away or give it time and feel things out? Leave us a comment!

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